Saturday, March 28, 2015

This morning my learning experience was to put the glass (really acrylic) eyes into a head. I tried about an hour to get the first one in Crystal (on the right) until I figured out my knife was not sharp enough to cut a good line in the vinyl around the socket holder. Using one of our new steak knives I got a larger hole and was finally able to get one eye in. I wondered if all the eyes would be this hard and could I really do it. After lunch the second eye did itself and it slid in perfectly. When the mail was opened there was a package with Candie's eyes so I felt the universe was telling me to get with the program and I was able to get both eyes in place easily. It was not as easy as it looked on the video tutorial but I was able to get them in place and fairly evenly. I like looking at these two faces to note how differently they make me feel. I do prefer smiles!

While shopping for groceries Werner got the fabric softener so Blaze and I had beauty session brushing her hair. I fussed with her hair a long time, not wanting to follow the style others used in her advertising (pigtails on top of her head) but finding it too thin to do much else. Tomorrow we will try a shot of the new style if it comes out good. Today I found all the work with the dolls involved so much gathering together things out of the household. Slowly but surely I am getting the implements I will need for others.