Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prince Charming did get into the Shameless show at Gualala Arts Center where he caused many laughs. I even got emails from people who enjoyed him and were
glad to make his acquaintance. This is the first time an entry into  a GAC show got emails! So I am counting him as a success.

Along with Prince Charming was this "girl" saying "Oh Yes!" also. Yes, that is a condom in here mouth/purse. People did not get this joke so easily, nor did she sell. With the show  overLing-Yen has already brought both back home where they sits on our old cold wood-burning stove. 

The past two months have not been good ones for me. In the first week in November I stepped on a needle and it broke off in my foot. There was a circus getting it out ending with a trip to Fort Bragg hospital where Dr. James, a surgeon finally found it and got the 1/2 inch  piece out. Not to mention are the attempts by two other doctors that left a huge cut up area in my left foot. Today it is finally showing signs of healing shut and there are moments when I can step on the whole foot again.

Like Jennifer Cruise I have put away my normal creative outlets and turned to crocheting. Instead of beading and posting here, I have crocheted masses of potholders, baby blankets, Christmas decorations, flowers and too much other stuff. I am trying to get back to beading but my old eyes are preferring to tangle threads. I will see what 2015 brings me!