Monday, January 26, 2015

I made the kitty Hello  to go with Kathleen, the girl from London. Under the chair are some of the baked goods the pair have purchased - a cupcake and two Oreo cookies!

So you can see them better. I need a more brown color of yarn for the vanilla cookies which I have ordered today from Amazon. That yellow is just too sunny!

Here is a better picture of Hello, the kitty. It seems the Sanrio company in Japan is having trouble telling Kitty (Kathleen) from her cat Hello and mixes the two up all the time - for 40 years! I find it typical for Japanese to be unable to organize information such as this. It is amazing how many people world-wide are ready to accept their confusion! The important thing is that the pair are cute!

Yesterday I had so much trouble with my vision that I have decided to show my crocheted works in this blog instead of waiting for myself to get back to beads.