Friday, October 28, 2011

The other day I was accepted into the Etsy Bead Weavers Team! That gave me something to cheer about in a week of no sales. The group, about 780 strong, holds challenges each month on a theme and part of the membership requirement is to enter at least one challenge a year and to vote on the others. The theme for November is "twisted" so yesterday I started this. I think my twisted is more of a spiral but I am enjoying the twisted beads. I had made wire beads for one of the scrotum series and never felt it was very good.

So for these I started with an inch of plastic tubing and wired a basis of larger beads to it. On top I left more wire show but did add some 8s to each wrap. I did them on the sticks so I could find the opening and to be able to hold it while I did it. This was such fun that I am thinking of trying more. I want to make some small ones using only 8s.

I do enjoy 'challenges' as they get my mind going in new ways. I am not sure if this necklace will turn out good enough for a contest and if my 'twisted' is twisted enough but I am certainly enjoying the twisted journey. I have to have it done and posted by November 5th. My biggest worry is whether there will be a good day of sun when I do get the necklace done in time to get a good photograph. Amazing how we (I!) set ourselves up with worries and deadlines just so we feel alive!