Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have had my first two sales at the Etsy store and have now posted new items to take the place of the deleted ones. Was glad to find out several more automatic functions at Etsy. When an item sells, they automatically remove it from your listing. Wow! But if you have multiples of that item, it is easy to copy it and get it reposted. It was sooooo good to make the two sales and now I am busy finding out how to package and ship my stuff. So much to learn! But I like that.

Also it is possible for members to make lists or galleries of items they admire or ones which fit a certain category (just like making a gallery show!). Today my pumpkin made the treasure list for Halloween. I was so glad that someone could find it (among the many items on Etsy!) and liked it enough to post it AND having photographed it with the professional background it looked professional. I was very proud of it.