Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another day of rain and/or cloudy weather. We are supposed to have a rain storm and then a few hours of sunshine before the next one blows in. Now when I really need the sunshine for my Etsy photos all I get are clouds - six days worth of clouds. Between two of them I snagged this shot of the piled up new necklaces. When I used the timer option on the camera, often the sun that was shining when I clicked the shutter was already gone by the time the actual shutter opened. All of which was a great excuse to go back to making more of these necklaces that I love. I feel as if I must make one with every color combination. Right now on the trays is a white one and a black one (am tempted to make it a Halloween fright necklace. . .) and I sewing on AB rootbeer with bronze iris delicas. The colors are so yummy I cannot think about them and stay here on the computer.

I consulted with Sandy Smith and she said what I had known was right: I need some smaller, lower priced items for the Etsy store. However for the better photos of these items I need sunshine! And until I get sunshine the boxes of 'smaller items - errings and suncatchers - pile up around the camera set-up.