Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Had a customer on my Etsy shop who, when her order arrived, turned around and ordered two more pairs of my earrings. A repeat customer! The very best kind to have. There are SO many offerings on Etsy it is a miracle if anyone finds my stuff. However, the repeat customer can actually finger the stuff, wiggle it and try it on and then come back again. Beautiful.
In spite of my bitching, I am getting items tagged as favorites by people I do not know so something is working with the searches. Last week two people picked items from my shop to include in their gallery listings. There are some very bright and exciting young women on Etsy.

Here is a photo of the earrings I photographed on Monday when the sun was actually shining. I have a whole tray of new items lined up with the hope that the sun that is shining now will come in my window at 3:15.