Monday, October 31, 2011

I got this done in time for the contest with the theme of "Totally Twisted" by the Etsy Bead Weavers for November which closes on Friday. And the sun was shining! So I got this picture. Now that I am able to look at the piece with the detachment of a camera, I am wondering if the dangle is too long or hangs down too far. . .
Since the sun still shines today, I think I will take the time to shorten the chain about three links. Still I love the opulence of the dangle and having it a tad too far from the rest of the necklace seems to add to its oddness and aloofness. I will have to ask the necklace what it wants.

I really pushed the twisted in me on this one. The ropes are all spirals and by running a wire through the copper colored one I got it to twist too. What you cannot see is the twisted copper wires that hold each of those copper leaves on the bottom rope. I am sure there is also a twist in one or more of the chains or will be by the time I give up fussing with this.

I am especially happy with the dangle! I had not planned on doing that but the chain was too long and it came out that way. I made a flat Celini spiral on a flat weaving and it curled up like that all by itself. A pink CZ crystal drop would have been nice, but I only had a purple one. It feels to me as if it calms all that pink noise up in the necklace.