Friday, July 2, 2010

After getting the white, black and gold bracelet in this style done, I felt the 'medallions' were too small so I added another color and got these bigger ones, It only takes 5 of these to surround a wrist. I was so pleased with this size that I immediately started another one in blues but that was all off, The sizes of the various beads was not close enough. Tried again and found a combination that works. I still have no hard and fast rule about when to add a new color and because the pattern is different from one end to the other, I find myself still making mistakes. Some I leave and others I force myself to rip out back to the wrong placed bead and do it again. I am hoping for some 'second nature' response to kick in to guide me, but at this point, I am too often guessing. I think I need to just keep making these until all the pattern secrets are opened to me. I have been listening to Margaret George's unabridged audio Cd's (25 of them) of Helen of Troy. It is like getting the inside scoop on famous people. Better than HuffingtonPost.
Again this morning we found our water tanks are dry, Guys in overalls stand around scratching yesterday's beards and Werner goes off to buy more bottles of fancy spring waters. There are several reasons for the problem and each one is more expensive than the next. Good I got that order to Happy Mango Beads off yesterday.