Monday, September 28, 2009

Started to work on the pillar shrine. Here it is laid out on the floor garage-part of the studio. Naturally I made myself much more work when I found out many of the strands were longer than 14 ft, so I started extending the 'short' ones. Am still open to how many of the strands I will actually use. Wish I has some way of hanging the whole thing so I can see the bottom and how that hangs. Am thinking that since I have to hang it early at Gualala Arts Center (so they can use the cherry-picker to get to the ceiling for the hook) that I will just go there and finish the work on the bottom of it. I have a couple of days before the show opens and it is a lovely place to work.

I love how a piece makes itself. When I first thought of hanging the beaded strands, I knew I wanted them to descend from a hoop. My eyes fell on a dreamcatcher Clemens and Valerie had made for me many years ago. Then I thought maybe I needed a 'real' dreamcatcher and called Linda Reno to buy one of hers. All week I have called trying to make an appointment with her to come by and she did not return my calls! Then I went to Manchester to look for a wire ring and in the kitchen equipment I found this device for roasting a chicken on a bottle of beer! Perfect shape! Perfect size! When I got home it fit exactly over the dreamcatcher the kids had made. Then while moving a screen, I evidently bumped it and it fell on the floor. Now I definitely felt it wanted to be in the work. So the kitchen device makes the rim strong enough AND has a top for hanging.

Also, several months ago I had ordered some brass bells from Fire Mountain not because I had a purpose for them but only because I liked them. Later then the price went down in the next catalog and I ordered them again. Yesterday I found out I had just as many bells as beaded strands. This is the exciting part of making something! Watching the Universe work with me. Blessed be!