Thursday, September 24, 2009

Got this address from Fire Mountain contest so you can see my entry that was among the finalists. They did an excellent job of photographing the whole set-up. I worked so many hours trying to do a lesser job so I am really, really impressed with whoever got this photo! I loved the fact someone put the tiniest toys into the wagon. Never thought of that. I hope the photograper/stylist person had fun playing with the toys.

What you cannot see here is the revolving stand. When the tree moves, the crystals (ABs) flash in colored lights like on a real tree. Also there is music with it. A music button plays "It's a Small World" with that terrible tinny sound.

The entry did not win a prize, but I will go on showing the scene here locally at Christmas. Last night I redid the hobby horse so he now is easier to stand up. So I am still working on this! Am thinking of adding more toyes. I had to give up the work before I was "really" done with it. Also was thinking of a fireplace with stockings. . . Now I have time to do it!