Monday, September 14, 2009

I finally figured out how to keep the photos with my text when I have more than one picture. I load the photos first and THEN insert the text! I find now, of course, that the photos are now lined up backwards, but I am so thrilled with the success of my coping that I barely notice. This is my entry for the new contest at Fire Mountain - Crystallized. I should be off filling out the forms and tracking down the beads used in the piece - a job I really hate because I am not good about keeping records of which bead was ordered when with whatever number. Still I am delighted with the piece and the old competitive urge in is full bloom.

Rhoda was by the other day, picking up her necklace from Art in the Redwoods, (one she sold! Congratulations! Her price was right! mine was too high) and as we sat in the studio she was telling me of how much she had paid in entry fees for various festival booths and how little she had sold - often losing money on the event. We finally talked ourselves around to wondering if we could do better out of my studio! So we are aiming for the Columbus Day weekend in October. The idea is that I make my half of the studio over into a display area and she use the half of the studio where the car is normally parked (now you know our secret - I have a studio big enough to park a car in it!). I took this photo as a "before" so I can show off when I get things rearranged. Hopefully as soon as I get the packet off to Fire Mountain contest I can start shoving stuff around.

Am debating whether to enter these sun catchers in the FM contest also. I have tried several times to photograph them but cannot get a decent photo that is as sharp as these scans. Maybe the fog from yesterday's rain will burn off and I can have enough sun and a second chance at getting better images.