Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I checked out the perforated discs offered by Fire Mountain and was not happy with the idea that the pin-back disk must be 'glued' to the perforated half. So I got out a bunch of #6s and began to do a variation of the ladder stitch but worked it in a circular pattern so I had a flat surface full of holes. The only thing to remember is: when adding a bead, re-enter the same bead from the other side. When adding reinforcement, enter the next bead from the same side (back or front). I sewed a normal little pin back to that. I made a couple of different sizes and shapes and am eager to get off the computer to begin embellishing them.
I realized that making flowers is the easiest thing to do but how many flower brooches does the world need? Am thinking making compositions, like a tiny abstract painting in beads with various levels. Lots to think of and I am raring to soak up some sunshine and inspiration.