Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Store opens in Point Arena CA

Last night the old CityArt Gallery reopened its doors for a three-week holiday store. It felt so good to have the lights on again, to see the walls filled with color, and to greet old, and some new, friends gathered around food and wine. We had live music with lute and accordion, and over twenty artisans showing their work.

Six of us had jewelry, so it is no surprise that sales of jewelry topped all the other items offered.

Since everything had been removed from the gallery when it was put up for sale, exhibitors had to bring tables. I had no way of transporting or setting up a table, I devised this method of showing my work. I hand crocheted string into a net and using hooks made for closures, hung the over 150 items. This way people could touch and handle them but the hooks kept the pieces from walking out the door. By using only wall space I was able to be directly in front of the front desk for additional protection.
Even though I found my solution less than elegant, many people complimented me on my ingenuity and the display was in keeping with the country store atmosphere in this tiny town of less than 1,000.
The highlight of the evening for me was when two women came up to me both holding on to one bracelet. Neither would let go until I promised to make another one.
In addition to many empty places on the net by the end of the evening, I got a jewelry repair job, two commissions and the owner of Everything Under the Sun , Lena, asked if I would put my beaded things in her shop.
After I came home, it felt so good to put my feet up and to return beading on my Christmas tree earrings (which had all sold).