Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hmmm. . . was trying to find a way to get this blog 'out there' so it could have a greater audience and I stumbled on to About.com. Am thinking of applying for a job there writing about beading. It is certainly my passion, and I have learned alot, and I enjoy thinking up new ways of doing things. Two days before Christmas with family on its way is no time to be thinking of taking on additional work, but I am finding only this thought gives me comfort and delight.
With my pre-Christmas jitters I wish I could simply turn off my head and jump over the holidays, but I have tried that. So I will bead on my tree as much as I can until they finally arrive and then lay aside my life and be mom and oma the rest of the year. I am hoping that what I do not make they will and I can show that / those.