Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family arrived safely, the tree is surrounded by gay packages, and already we have been sharing bead ideas. Bambi had done a neat bracelet with right-angle weave embellished with top beads.
As soon as everyone left for bed I had to bead to settle down by figuring out what she had done and this is what I did.
It is amazing how different the results when two different people, even related as daughter/mother, do the same stitch. Basically we only made a row of boxes with 2 seed beads, one hex cut, 2 seed beads, one hex cut, 2 seed beads, one hex cut, 2 seed beads and one hex cut. After the length of boxes is reached, one secures the squareness by using larger beads (I used an #11 gold seed bead on each end of the pearl - Bambi used 2 seed beads to cover the thread in and out of the larger bead) to sew from corner to corner. Mine took less than an hour to make.