Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quick look at the worm before it is finished. Actually last night I did get all the beads on the worm, even a red necklace! and then started on the book. Now I know why I don't make jewelry any more. It cramps my hand to hold the little pieces! I thought I would never get the book large enough so I could hold it easily and realized that my left hand is so used to the size of an animal that it cramps to hold just beads!
I did get 10 animals boxed up for the Dolphin in Gualala so that they can see if they can sell animals as well as the folks at CHAC. Werner was going to town to deliver them but is feeling dizzy, as he often does in autumn. Also he is taking an antibiotic for his pimples on his neck. Mary was scheduled to clean today but called in sick. It must be autumn.