Monday, September 30, 2013

I cannot believe that I posted no photos of this before I finished it. I think it a result of my disgust with the way the text tool here works. Enough bitching.
I love the color of these Precoisa beads! Have you noticed that I am now spelling Precoisa, if not right, at least differently. So the squirrel is done and I have started on the worm. I was getting so tired of beading in brown, gold, black and white so it is a really joy to work in primary colors. Also this is the first worm I have done since I started stuffing the animals. The worm is so much easier to work on when the sides don't wiggle. Hm, I just tried to go back to make a new paragraph and again it does not work. Will try to get a photo of the worm between rain showers. It feels very autumn-like here.