Sunday, October 13, 2013

You are getting a report of the week as it seems I have been too occupied to add daily updates. On Thursday Barbara picked up the poster. As we were chatting I realized that the 9th of November was on a Saturday and not on a Friday as I had on the poster. I had used up all my printer cartridges so Barbara took the maimed posters home for Norman to fix by making labels of the word Saturday or reprinting the whole thing - which ever worked.

All summer Barbara had been asking me to give her more jewelry items and I said I was not making jewelry so had none to give her. Then she reminded me that she had returned a bunch of items last year before the holiday jewelry sale in order to promote the more expensive items. I had forgotten about the box and had never looked in it. Finally journeyed out to the studio and found gobs of things! So I spent two days checking these, refreshing tags and sorting them so she could find what she wanted for this year.

In the meantime I had started a bunch of crocheted bracelets thinking that would sell best at Christmas. So now I have these to finish up. I hate adding findings but here are 8 bracelets to finish. I love the colors of the rainbow ones and am slightly interested in making more of those.

Here is the Prayer Bear I had started on last week. I am now back to finishing him while I wait for bead caps for the bracelets. It was such a joy to have a big item, soft and squishy, back in my hand! That was such a change from the cramps in both hands trying to manage little stuff.