Friday, March 1, 2013

The giraffe at sunset, just before the light goes a deep gold. By evening that leg was done and the other back leg had about that much beaded. I was so tired I was not doing good work so stopped, turned on the little computer and searched the web for the acrylic boxes I like so much. I found out that Paper Mart offered them at less than half the cost of Clear Bags so put in a big order this morning. Now I have to stay with the animals to fill up all those boxes. Truthfully I adore doing the animals so much the call of jewelry projects from the beading magazines falls on deaf ears. I figure I have 3 - 4 normal working days to finish this guy. Good that he keeps me entertained with the development of his spots.
I keep thinking that the Mello's are raising giraffes just outside of Point Arena and I feel I should go take a look at the real thing but getting in and out of a car makes me ache for hours afterward. So I continue in my make-believe world.