Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Probably this is the last time you can see the giraffe with a patch of original skin showing. If I could  have a good day of beading I could get him done today. I have little hope, however.Yesterday, in a fit a madness (desire to find some photographs) I cleaned out the big closet under the stairs. It was good to find so many things I forgot I had (the photos of Heidi and Bambi when they were 16 - 17 which are now framed over the table), pictures of the old studio in Dinuba, and the pictures of rocks in the desert for which I was looking. As result of a coming storm, and all that bending and lifting, I am aching mightily. I do not know how long I can sit and bead. I see this photo does not show off his charming ears and horns. Must remember to get those in his official protrait.