Sunday, March 3, 2013

I know that if I am going to use 15s, and I do love the way they nestle together, I have no right to gripe when the work goes so slowly. I do not mind the time the 15s take, but when I look at my pages here on the blog and see so little progress I seriously wonder if I should take a photo and report so little progress.  I still have the ears to do - always hard fiddly work AND the horns! For some reason I decided to do the hooves after the legs were done so that means anchoring four threads - a job I dislike - to do each little hoof. In hind sight it would have been easier to do a couple rounds on the legs, drop back down to do the hoof and then continue up the leg. I love looking at the way the pattern goes over the body. I hope that beauty stays there when it is beaded.