Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bead Blog #600

Last night I finished the pink dragon. It looks a lot better here in the photo than in real life. I am really not good with pink! Was very glad to put all those pink beads away. I did find out that it takes exactly 2 1/2 strands of glass chips to do a dragon. I would have been forced to make the 'wing' a different color, even if I had not determined earlier the great contrast between the chips and the seed beads demanded that the wing color be lighter. At first I was thinking of purple wings. When I held the various stands of chips against the back of the dragon, I felt a 'click' inside of me, as if that color locked itself into the piece.
As soon as I cleared away the dragon-making beads I picked up the Lion that had arrived in a new win at Ebay. By midnight about 2/3s of his face was done. I am very happy to be working with warm golden amber beads - and to have a new animal in my hands. I gave my previous Lion to Heidi for Christmas so now I need to get a new one in my menagerie. Also Mike called from the CHAC to say Caitlin had picked the iguana as the silent auction item for the Charter School in Point Arena. Love thinking of making a new one!