Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last night I added the fringe at the bottom. I was pleased with the method I found. Instead of the fans of fringe most bead embroidery pieces utilize, I had many strands of fringe coming from only 3 dark blue pony beads. By picking shells with browns and golds I could get back to the colors in the main body of the work. I feel this piece is done and I am so pleased with it. So much so that I cannot think of starting another for fear it will be less interesting. This one really grew out of the placement of the three stone beads and I just went on from there.
So today I entered this in the "Small Works" exhibit at Gualala Arts along with the snowman and one of the stained glass panels. While doing deskwork I also signed up for the Coast Highway Artists Collective in Point Arena at 284 Main Street - the old CityArt place. Barbara Fast is off to Santa Rosa buying paint for the walls; am very glad to see that ugly Piedmont mud color on the walls go along with the sign in front. To be in the co-op I had to apply for seller's permit so I had the sweat-producing job of filing out government forms.
The sun is shining and I hope to get a good photo of this work - Destination: Gualala. Then I will have my Etsy challenge for next month on its way.