Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have started a new bead embroidered necklace but I do not want to show it to you in its present half-made state. Instead, here are the puffed stars I have put up on Etsy. Had sunshine the other day and was able to catch enough light for them. Using the sand was a big help in making them stand up. I tried hanging them but either they spun around too long or stopped in the wrong place.
I cured myself of the big lump on my thumb. I was afraid it would need to have something cut out which would really put a crimp in my beading so I put off going to the doctor. The other day I was cutting out a bunch of Ultrasuede for the new necklace and noticed the scissors leaned on the lump and it really hurt. Later I could see fluid deep under the skin - like a blister. Then it went away along with the pain and now there is only a tiny bump that does not hurt. The bead gods were good to me!