Friday, February 24, 2012

Hm. . . Where have I been? Am working on this. That is a fossilized sea dollar in the center. Center? The whole image is wonky! That happens when I close the lid on the scanner - things scrunch around to suit themselves. As I look at the image I feel the sea dollar is too far from the other stones, but when the brass butterfly is attached, it looks better. This time I am saving myself some work by doing the 'strap' in two pieces instead of four. Need to go order more ultrasuade. My yard of material ordered a month ago will be gone when I get this one done. Sent B. a chunk with the hope to infect her with this insane way of beading.
Oh, was invited by the Etsy Bead Embroiders to join their team. I have entered the Destination Gualala in the next contest and someone saw it and thought I should be in their group. That was my first complete bead embroidery piece so I am delighted about the invitation.