Friday, February 3, 2012

Just today I found out what other people are calling this stitch. It is the Russian Spiral! Here it is done with silver-lined gold hex cut delicas and 15s in my favorite raspberry metallic. It is very rare that I keep a necklace that I have made but not worn. Usually, if I wear a necklace I hang it on my old weaving and keep it for my use only. I know others often wear a piece and then sell it, but somehow that does not feel right to me. However, this is one necklace I liked so much when I finished it that I put it in my "keep" pile just because I loved it. And now I know its name! The stitch is one of my favorites and the one I go to when I need calming. It works up so well and in the summer I found it also works well with rounded beads.