Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sharon showed me this bracelet she had bought at Cotton Fields in the Seacliff Center. The little balls are made by taking a glass bead and covering it with seed beads. I tried the process and got frustrated with the slipperiness of it - it took a lot of work to go around and around the bead adding the lines of beads and making them lie flat.
So I am trying to make my own little beaded bead and when I get 48 of them (stay tuned; don't hold your breath) I will try to duplicate the bracelet. It seems the person used the peyote stitch with elastic cord. One of the reasons I am interested in this is because so many people love bracelets they can slip on and off and I hate working with findings and even bead-made clasps.
I am using silver-lined gold 6s peyote stitched into a 3 x 6 bead flat piece that is then zipped up to make the bead. Then I lace in 11s between the beads to add another color. Either I am happy not to be making myself cover all those beads or I really prefer having two colors on the bead, but I like my little beads more. I am enjoying the challenge!