Thursday, August 26, 2010

My 'inner beader' is obviously not burned out on vending! As I was cleaning up and sorting my pounds of beads the other day, I discoved these olive green 11s that I had gotten last year to make more of the Christmas tree earrings. So I have been doing these!
Found a new way to start the circle. I simply do the brick stitch around a #8 bead. This makes a very smooth start and the hole in the bead is perfect for passing the headpin through. As you see I have not yet finished off the tops. I hate making wire loops! which probably explains why I do it badly. Even with two tools I am not able to make two alike. But that is always a problem for me with earrings. Here you can see I have made 7 instead of 8!
Anyone interested in duplicating the Christmas tree on my Fire Mountain entries from last year and this year should start by making these earrings as practice. I will email the instructions if you wish to have them. No charge.