Monday, August 23, 2010

Here you can see how they hung the branch in the gallery. I was very pleased with how the hanging committee placed it. There had been talk of hanging it outside so I was very glad to see it inside and in the gallery and being treated like art. It won no prizes but I had not expected it to to do that. It was just an idea I had. Several people did come up to me to say how much "it looked like something I would do" and others said that they loved the new idea. Hard to show something that has not been seen when there are over 400 works competing for attention.

Here are Vicki (seated) and Marianne (in blue, also) in the booth they (wo)manned all three days at Art in the Redwoods. Saturday had been foggy and cool so they didn't sell that much, but yesterday was sunny and just warm enough and they thought they had sold more. Marianne was still computing numbers when I left. Walt Rush, another jeweler loaned us the tent. Both husbands were waiting for us to get our stuff out so they could take it down. Thanks to everyone for all the help.