Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got a call from Vicki to tell me that she and Marianne are having a booth at the Art in the Redwoods Festival on August 20 -22 at Gualala Arts. Somehow they were able to wrangle a tent from Walt Rush so all systems are 'go' for that weekend.
She was kind enough to invite me to take 1/2 table and better still, to excuse me from all booth sitting duties. I think she knows how terrible I am with numbers and sales slips and figured it would be easier to do the job herself than to have to straighten out my goofs.
So I stopped doing the puffy bracelets. I did send one done in maroon and gold to Bambi so she could wear it to work. She said when she wears beaded work she get so many more comments and compliments than when she wears higher quality items made by jewelers.
Anyhow, Vicki's offer made me think that I need to make more lizards because they do sell. So it is lizards on my bead trays for a while. If you look closely you can see that two of these are bracelets. I like this idea and am doing one in reds and golds. You may have to look at more of these.