Monday, October 6, 2014

I started beading on this the pink frog I had gotten from BB Toys. You see them on his one foot. That was the result of my whole afternoon's work.
Yesterday I had stopped working in the evening on the monkey because I could see that sewing in his upper lip needed precise work and I felt I was too tired to do a good job. However when I sat down today to work, after a good nap, I still did not feel I was up to the job and all I really wanted  to do was bead. I immediately found the red/pink beads that were perfect for this frog and never got up the nerve to return to the monkey who goes on living with a loose upper lip.

I see I need to redo the backdrop. The sun is moving northward and I need to raise the whole setup. For this shot I was using the last ray of sun and got the edge in too. I wish I had my old Photoshop program. I could have fixed that right corner in two shakes.