Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So here is Pinky the frog with her mouth in place. Wait until you see what will go in it. We have to make a trip to town for her special item. She will go into the "Shameless" show at Gualala Arts in December, so be prepared for a surprise. If my packages ever come I can make her partner for the show.
I found out, when I sat her up with the beads done on her chest that she has boobs. How great that she has been a 'sh'e all along!
Barbara Fast, at CHAC gallery in Point Arena, invited me to be in the Christmas jewelry show and requested that I make more of the puffed stars and sun prism balls. So I gathered all the stuff for each project before sending my Fire Mountain order off to Vicki. Last night I started on the puff stars and found it very comforting to do something so familiar.  Thank goodness I had two boxed of Delicas in eggshell colors so I am off and beading. I am hoping to extend the star theme by make sea stars too.