Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taking antibiotics has slowed me down so that I take naps in the afternoon instead of beading. Also beading these full sized animals takes a lot longer. I did get the worm done but I see I do need to make the book so he stands up.A book that size will take at least a couple of more days. I wanted to at least show you the worm. Before I knew that I would need to make the book I started on this.

The Howlidog - a dog for the holidays. I am going to run out of the white beads soon. Thank goodness the month ends soon and Vicki will be doing another order. I beaded on ear on the underside first and found out it gets too stiff. So I started the topside of the other ear. I am hoping that removing a few rows on the underside of the first ear will allow it to hang down. It is hard to believe that the red beads on the ear are the same as the purplish beads on the tail of the worm. I am glad I added the brighter pinkish beads at the very tip to draw the eye back to the head.