Sunday, November 3, 2013

I was reading in Art Dolls, the magazine Fire Mountain folks sent to me with their (our) ad on the back, and I saw that they have contest theme for their next summer's issue on mermaids. While wondering how to make a mermaid out of beanie babies, my glance wondered to the bookcase where I had this figure.I had made it several years ago while covering fishing lures.
 I think it is a diamerm - a backwards mermaid! Instead of having a human head and fish body, this has human legs and a fishy face! I took this shot to see if I can hide the plastic box she stands in. I am not good at retouching photos so I may have to hang her. It would be easier to retouch out a string rather than the box and all of its shadows. I had planned to make some kind of a spiny tail that hooked on to that loop on the lure but never got it just right. So here I hung a pendant from Judy Carr. She wire weaves and this piece looks a bit net-like. I am still thinking what would be best here.For Whom the Bell Trolls?

I did get the cat finished! Here he is with his whiskers! They add so much to the face.
I did start on the giraffe.So far so good.