Monday, November 18, 2013

 Here is Topper, his proper name, in (well almost in) his box ready to go. Barbara stopped by and as soon as she saw him she whisked him off to the gallery. He is now being shown at CHAC in Point Arena.She also wanted to get some crystals for her ornament for Diane Naumann's new gallery Christmas tree in Gualala. She found what she wanted and gave me the idea to add a crystal drop to my old idea of the puff stars.

It took two days to make this. I was afraid the crystal would change the look of the star, but it really doesn't. I do like the the idea that the crystal makes the star shine in prism colors! I made this with 11s that have a glass basis but a gold metallic covering. I had accidentally ordered a pound of them so you will be seeing this bead again! Probably not on stars though. I was surprised how irritated I was while making this. As soon as the bead tray with the animal was back on my lap I felt calmer and happier. Too weird for words!