Sunday, September 22, 2013

I tried to put this image on the previous page and the picture was there but the weirdness in the text tool would not let me comment on it.
Another design goof in the "BABE" series. It wasn't until I set it on the photo shoot set up that I discovered this. So I ripped out the beading on the front legs planning to do them again. Then I lost patience with everything and picked up the cow from the "BABE" series. I thought I could use the new Precoisa white beads. I had broken several needles in the past few days and now none of the longer needles were thin enough to go through the bead! There are days like this! So I stopped beading and gathered all my needles, sorted through them until I found a very thin (15#?) three-inch needle that sped me on my way. Having no idea of where I got this one fine needle I hauled out the latest Fire Mountain catalog to order more.