Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July on the 4th!

All day yesterday we thought it was the 4th. We even chided ourselves for not putting out the flag. Only late in the evening did I notice on the calendar that the holiday was on a Thursday. Then the fireworks started up over the ocean. Magnificant lightning displays went on for hours. Because the strikes were so far away there was no scary thunder - until we had gone to sleep. Then the storm blew in over land with all the noise and rain. Just as we got to sleep again, the next storm blew in. This time the strikes were on the ridge so there were no close ones. Just lots of light and rolling thunder that I always imagine looks like a cumulus cloud turned to sound. Today we have bright sunshine as if nothing had ever happened except we are both missing a lot of sleep.

Here is the spider I am working on. By tying his legs together I can keep him from looking like a real spider and giving me the creeps while keep my thread from tangling in them. Those are his legs lying there beside him. I was glad I could bead the cylindars off the body and sew them on later. I want to finish the top before I do the legs. Werner looked at him last night and felt I should have kept that brown patterning on his back but the creeps took over so I could not give that much loving care to his back.
Then today Roberta in Pandora wrote to tell me of a funnel spider web she found by her pond so I began looking at spiders on the web. I willl finish this one knowing he looks nothing like the real things!