Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Did the new silverish fish on the weekend but hurt so much I did not get across the room to photograph it. I am not so happy with these colors. I much prefer the goldfish. I was so sure I knew what to put together with the silver sequins. . . but.

As I dug through my stash of animals I found this unicorn from the 2009 series. It is so much better when the animals have stiff formed legs. Enjoyed working on this one. It needed no extra padding. I am wondering if my idea is too reddish for the tail and mane. Still I hope someone will fall in love with him.
On Sunday, Claudia, from Long Island NYC was here and she said that these would really sell if they were
in a shop in NY. Or even in Sausalito - but that is not happening. I am happy selling from CHAC in Point Arena.