Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Late, around midnight, I was playing around with unused beads left over from other projects and suddenly, these earrings made themselves. I was so surprised, and pleased! Somehow they felt like little people with pearl heads. In real life the hearts hang down and dangle. I loved these huge rose quartz chunks. Am eager to see what I make today with the idea. It seems open to many variations.

With my last order I had gotten some shorter barrettes and was now able to sew these on to them. It took three tries before I got the turquoise idea sewed on in the center. I just do not see 'center' until the thing is firmly in place - and wrong. The lizard is made with Delicas - so often their colors come out so dark! I see that now, again.
Am trying to get up my courage to put something on Etsy. I seem to have threshold angst! Did set up a small studio in the corner with a paper backdrop for photos and today the sun is shining. Maybe I will be so happy with the photos, that in my eagerness to show them, I will manage the process.