Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yesterday I was fiddling with the options for suspending the pillar. I hated the white nylon strings that looked so messy so I cut them all out. While looking for the hook for the ceiling in the tool cupboard I found about 15 feet of chain links I had bought years ago to suspend a lamp.
Perfect! The three supports fit right into the links and I easily got the top looking a lot neater. With the chain over the garage door support I could slowly raise up the whole thing. Naturally it hung crooked ( I made this!) but I was able to scoot the supporting chains back and forth until it hung straight - or more straight than it is in this photo.
Now to buy more chain (I do not know how high the ceiling will be - it slopes and will depend on where they put it). Asked Sue Friedland if she would go up on the cherry-picker for me. Hope she will. Need to assemble a repair packet to take with me. Otherwise, this is kind of done. Oh, Werner was helping me and he measured the distance I was using for the strings and we found out they are 20 feet long, not 14 as I had planned.