Friday, October 30, 2009

A Finalist!

Just got the notice from Fire Mountain that this necklace is a finalist in the Swaroski Crystallized Contest. Only early in September did I get the notice about the contest for using Swaroski crystals and the deadline was Sept. 21 so there was no way I could get an order in and back, and make the necklace, mail it and have it arrive on time. I had several crystals left over from making the lights on the Christmas tree and the large one I had ordered not knowing which color I wanted for another necklace.
I searched through all my beads scourounging up every crystal I could find and even cannabilizing other efforts! I piled these treasures together and from counting them, I determined the design. This was the best I could do with what I had on hand! Since the piece had to have a title I called it "Clearly My All" because I had used up every crystal I had.
The stitch is the ordinary spiral chain but I added a crystal in each step up. I was surprised how impressive such a simple idea became. Since most people use crystals for stringing I am hoping that my enjoyment of doing this sewing stitch will set my work apart. Also the embellishing, which I love to do, is not often seen and each of us embellishes in a very different way. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!