Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Close up of the bottom.

Wednesday at Gualala Arts Center
The pillar is installed and all the beads are still on it. Naturally it doesn't photograph well and also my hands were still shaking so there is a certain lack of professionalism in the shots.
Sue showed up even before I could call her and she was extremely helpful. She got up on the cherry-picker and made the hook up. To my surprise we could use the crossbeam with all the lights! A good sized nail was already there, and best of all! the piece was exactly has long as the distance to the crossbeam. So no chain was needed! Perfect!
Sue was very comforting as the bead strands did end at various lengths and she simply suggested I add some knots and in minutes we had the bells brushing the stone floor in a perfect solution! Was so relieved. I had visions of myself sitting on that floor for days adjusting the length of the strings.
Also, from my calculations, the prism would be about 8 feet off the floor, but it isn't. Unbelievable. I think spirits worked on the piece when I got too tired to go and they really did it up right. Am so thankful!
Thanks to Scott who drove the cherry-picker and was so kind and calm!