Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am hoping this is the end of my stringing fit. I am always surprised when the desire comes over me to string together beads of weird colors and shapes, and then am very eager to get back to bead-weaving or sewing. It looks like the scanner is also eager to cut short this series!

This one started out without the wooden beads and was just too much of the same color so I undid it and added the wood and the cats. I added them because I have seen people buy necklaces just because they love their cats but it gives good color, too.

I am not happy with this set at all. I feel the chips are too small and I am hoping I will redo these with several strands going in and out the Botswana agates. I loved the little squares, but. . . Hmm. Here it doesn't look as bad as it does in real life.

Harmony, the famous organic fabric designer, gave me a little box of funky beads and I liked the silver one. Somehow the red jasper seems to want to go with the turquoise in my mind - perhaps because of the red rock canyons in Navajo land.