Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have had this idea for embellishing crystals for many months, so in my last order from FM I got these and several more. I am not happy with the way they look in the scan so will try something else.

Two of them are sharp enough for closeups. Strange the middle one is out of focus. Anyhow this way you can see the embellishment and how it relates to the crystal better. I admit I am excited about these. They are very easy to do - I made six yesterday. I feel the beads really add to the custom of hanging a crystal in the window. I loved watching the rainbows move across the room as the sun went in the opposite direction.

I also tried hanging the crystal from a chain, but found it did not spin as easily as the ones on fishing line. It however seems to scan better. I had the idea of sending a scan to Fire Mountain to see if they liked the idea. I think I need to look at this longer and see if I can make any more improvements. It is hard to see, but this is the largest crystal ball FM has - almost 2 inches across.