Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I had planned to use a photo of twins and by the time I got to the photo set-up there was a third doll. I had planned to work on the dollies today but got pulled off center by the world and its people so that I spent the day making pocket peace pals because I really needed the peace working on them brings me.
I am surprised how many tiny jobs the dollies involve. And how much they need that is missing from my life. Today I wanted to redo the bodies for the two new dolls Crystal and Candy. I only had pink thread on the sewing machine but the bodies (old ones -cheap - from China) were white. Werner asked if he could bring me anything from the drugstore so I asked for white thread. They sent him home with nylon thread because it is transparent (and slips and slides through the machine so all the tensions go out of whack). Once I had in my mind the use of white thread I could not make myself resew the bodies with pink and that destroyed my only whiff of peace. Dumb I know but I seem stuck with this person.