Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I cannot believe I am getting this close to painting! Someone has to put the color on these faces I love so much so I guess it might as well be me. I am tying to use as little color as possible and I see the  photo I got too much darkness in the corners of Cookie's mouth ( the top photo). In a bright light it looked right but under normal lighting the corners add their own shadows and take the color over the top. Cookie is about the biggest doll I can get from an American company at 26 inches tall. The Chinese are offering a knock-off copy of Cookie that about 5 inches smaller but the mouth is the same. I have won auctions on eBay but so far none of those dolls have arrived. They claim their dolls are bases on Sandy Faber's  doll named Tatum Noel but Bountiful Baby has also made a knock off of him.
Underneath is Pumkin, also from BB, which I got for $8.00 plus postage by taking one of their 2nd quality heads only. I have two sets of limbs yet from my original eBay order so I am glad to be able to buy just heads. Today I found a good combination of doing what needed to be done on the dolls and being able to rest in the recliner and crochet. I read the other night that dolls sent in for the cuddle therapy program need to have a blanket so I have started to crochet blankets to take a break from pocket peace pals.
It is almost seven in the evening and I cannot see what I am typing. Will put in corrections in the morning.