Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pro-Ana Braclets

These bracelets are made of coral dyed red with AB 8s in between. I got the idea from a pro-Ana website, made one and found it so helpful to wear a red bracelet to remind myself I am dieting (lost another pound today so my wedding ring fits!) It seems all my children are on diets so now I have made a good assortment of sizes so I can send one to each or to whoever wants one. I find the idea of wearing a "brace" "let" is a kind thought to support me on this journey. On my wrist it reminds to cut back on whatever I am eating. The big coral beads with the little 8s reminds me of the ups and downs of dieting. I wish for the help whichever anorexic person needs help, but they are the masters of losing weight and having been a fatty all my life I figure I have much to learn from them.