Saturday, April 26, 2014

I see my last visit here was on April 2. That evening I fainted in the dining room, fell to the floor and fractured S1 of my Sacra.  Each day I try to pick up one strand of my former life. I am still not able to bead so I have been crocheting potholders. On Easter day I felt so bad that I had not decorated anything, that we dug out a marzipan bar and I used old cake decorating stuff to get some color on the eggs. That wore me out in a hurry. Later I downloaded the photos into the computer and then could not find them before my tailbone got tired and wanted to lie down again.
Today, with more new energy I finished off the last of the potholders and truly hope to get back to beading soon
I was just about to start typing that I could not find the potholders and suddenly a screen swam into view and there were the photos I was looking for. Glad that worked. Now to rest. . .