Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I had an emotional meltdown this morning when I could not find any file I  wanted, all favorites had been removed from the web connections. The fixes I had planned to use on the web page were impossible because I could not find the  files  I was working on yesterday - so I cleaned house as much as I can. When I opened the computer there were 876473 updates, meaning Microsoft or someone was in my computer again. No wonder I cannot find anything. How can I keep Microsoft-in-the-head out of my computer? I do not want updates, to try their new internet horror or buy flowers.
Looking on the bright side, today I was able to steer this photo through the jungle and find it again and get it here. Yesterday Heidi was a huge help (even from her desk) and I got the new web page UP (today I cannot find it in my computer). I felt so good last night that I could manage this. Today I feel I am a complete idiot overnight.